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Le strade di Torino

A Sunday at Artissima…

A Sunday at Artissima…

The usual thing to do on a rainy Sunday morning for most people is staying home and greeting the change of a season with a hot tea and a blanket. Instead of indulging into the tranquility of my apartment and spending the end of the weekend surrounded by books, I decided to leave the zone of comfort and surround myself with art. Having the much valued advice of my History of Photography teacher in mind – not to miss this fair, I headed to Oval Lingotto.

I left my umbrella together with the hundreds of others, and stepped into a new world; high ceilinged, light space was welcoming its guests. I had found myself in the center of this realm, being offered the very best of artistic statement represented by over 200 galleries. This is the moment where you grab a map and the custom designed Artissima pen and start exploring.

Painting, photography, installation await for the viewer. For any question I had, every exhibited piece had its curator, more than happy to answer and tell the story of the birth of the artwork.
“You have to observe the line in the sequence as if it was a sound” – a very kind gallerist tells me. I follow her words and imagine an audio attached to the picture in front of me, and it suddenly becomes alive. I don’t want to move until it tells me everything. Our daily life is so oversaturated with imagery, that we no longer respond to a picture, we simply consume it and move along. The average amount of time a visitor spends in front of an art piece in a museum is 5 seconds. I’m trying to help increase this average.

Heading for a coffee break at the bar, I spot a counter with books. Vintage books. Then another one next to it. And another one. And I’m in heaven. Art literature, rare editions, exhibition catalogues, all is there, from Duchamp to Munari, the offer is endless.

The journey through the very best of contemporary art goes on for over five hours – and it’s not enough. This is a must see kind of happening, and not only for art lovers or students. It’s a school for new ways of seeing. A spot where what you’ve known meets what you have yet to discover; where you learn of yourself through another person’s expression, where you get an education and leave with your soul awakened and enriched. Art is at home, and you take the feeling with you back to your own.

All images © 2017 Kristina Nanovik