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Autumn 2017 | The outfit for an aperitivo

Autumn 2017 | The outfit for an aperitivo

Aperitivo time is getting close and you don’t know what to wear? Tons of light, a bit of grit and the perfect make-up will do a perfect job for having a spritz together with an amazing view on the Mole. Follow our advice! 

Maria Chiara & Paolo

Fashion Blogger | Maria Chiara Ferrante
Makeup artist | Paolo L’Erario
Photographer | Daniele Epifani
Leather jacket & skirt | Martinica
Makeup | La Biosthetique
Location | Via Bidone, San Salvario

Maria Chiara | Outfit

Does is also happen to you? Not knowing what to wear for an aperitivo, here you have my tips to drink a spritz with style!

Have you ever spent the whole afternoon staring at the wardrobe, hoping something good will come out for your aperitivo time?

And have you ever flipped your room in search of the perfect outfit to taste your spritz on the Po?

It happens because happy hour is always a difficult moment for making a clothes selection!

It’s not evening neither noon and you don’t know how to stay coherent with yourself with a brisk touch, avoiding the seriousness of a post-dinner outfit.

I think that lurex (especially this year) are never enough and that, if correctly matched, it can give the right grit.

And so I picked up a super striped skirt (ah, the stripes!) made of silver and blue colors to which I matched a silver t-shirt and a pair of open toe with a comfortable heel.

Then, well, What’s that got to do with it, I would go to sleep with a leather jacket, so I’ve chosen the strong touch of the leather to protect me from the autumnal freshness, but with character.

Paolo | Makeup

To be ready for Friday night

I think the best happy hour is the one spent on the beach at sunset after a day of sunbathing. The beach waves hairstyle recalls the image and the desire for freedom and lightness the best.
For the make-up this time I was inspired by the colors of the Eighties, but without its graphic lines. The orange blush reminds of a contouring to emphasize the cheekbones, illuminated even more with a pearl glitter. It is highly recommended to give light to the most important points, cheekbones, nose, chin and upper lip.
For the eyeshadow I used blue derivatives, a tribute to Mariachiara’s skirt and a reminder of denim, another symbol of the Eighties.
Gloss lipstick on pink and orange tones to be ready for Friday night … cheers

All images © 2017 Daniele Epifani