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Le strade di Torino

BCamp Outdoor Training

BCamp Outdoor Training

I love when the city becomes the place for athletes and the cars have to leave the streets to runners. My favorite moment of the year is the departure of the Marathon or of the StraTorino, but this special holiday day was also exciting! In fact, on 25th April we participated in a sports event organized by BCamp Outdoor Training in the streets of Turin, which took us to run and train between Piazza San Carlo, the Mole, Piazza Vittorio and the Valentino park.


Every day of the week

Parco della Certosa, Pianezza, Piazza d’Armi, Parco Ruffini

For info you can contact Stefano on Facebook

Cost of one class 5€

How to spend a holiday day moving my body

This was a April 25th different than usual; no big restaurant meal, picnic or trip, but a real intensive training on the streets of Turin! I discovered the BCamp Outdoor Training on Facebook and immediately excited I just wanted to attend the event in the city center. I was able to drag a small group: P., my sister and her friend, who was probably the most crazy in the group.

The meeting was in piazza San Carlo at 9.30am, wearing our sportswear and the green t-shirt of the event.

bcamp torino

The workout in Piazza San Carlo

The training started at 10 with a fast warming up session and then immediately 10 minutes of high intensity training to let us understand that this was not a school trip. After ten minutes, we took the road to the Royal Gardens, passing through via Roma and Piazza Castello.

bcamp torino

bcamp torino

The stop at the Royal Gardens

We arrived at the Royal Gardens and had 5 minutes to recover. Then the second high-intensity session started. Divided into two groups we did two circuits of three exercises each, the first which focused on legs and arms, the second on the abs (argh!). And then my favorite part: three push-ups and a fast run one group against the other! it seemed to be in one of those war movies in which the two armies fluttered one against the other …! Obviously … on the first lap we were a lot like the English against the Irish, while at the third and fourth we looked more like a fifth elementary school against another!

bcamp torino

bcamp torino

The third stop at Piazza Vittorio

From the Royal Gardens we run up to Piazza Vittorio, passing under the Mole where the schoolchildren we met started clapping and cheering us, as if we were marathoners! This stage was the toughest though … I started to feel very tired … and the pavement started to be very hard! Again it was a circuit training and we were divided into 5 groups. At each exercise we moved to the corresponding group. The most fun part? To think that we were rolling on the ground in Piazza Vittorio, while I would not usually be putting the bag on the ground. It’s fun how perspectives change eh?

bcamp torino

The last stop at Valentino

From Piazza Vittorio we started our last and longest run, more than 2 km passing through Murazzi and finding ourselves in the big meadow near the corner of corso Vittorio.

bcamp torino

Here again we had a high intensity training, with two Tabata circuits of 4 minutes each ending with a sequence of burpees … to finish with a pop! To end the day we had a bit of stretching, a bottle of water, an apple and lots of smiles. This group of guys was really special!

bcamp torino

bcamp torino

What is the Bcamp Outdoor training?

The BCamp is an idea of Stefano and Roberta, who are professional personal trainer and started by training with their friends in the park. They started understanding that friends really enjoyed training with them outdoor and so they decided to make it a business. And the idea is very simple: creating a group of people that can do sport outdoor, but is trained by a professional coach. Being a runner I personally love the idea, how better it is to feel the fresh air and the sun when you train rather than being isolated in a gym?

As such, Roberta and Stefano started the first training session at La Mandria and after a while moved to Collegno in the Parco della Certosa. Here people that walked by started to be amused and interested in the group of (crazy) people training in the park and they started asking to join. Since then, growth has been very rapid and now they have more than 200 members. There are 9 classes in total during the week at Pianezza, the Certosa in Collegno, piazza d’Armi and Ruffini Park. To train you don’t need much equipment; a towel, running shoes and the will to sweat. The classes are at the end a group of friends that train together, but they are really hard and change each week so that one can improve, train and never get bored.

So… do you feel like going training outside now???

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