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Le strade di Torino

Casa Jasmina

Casa Jasmina

Casa Jasmina is not an ordinary house. Casa Jasmina is a growing organism, an increasing experiment, a laboratory that changes and transforms itself depending on the guests it hosts. Casa Jasmina is the house of the future, where technology simplifies your life.


Casa Jasmina

Via Egeo 16 | Torino

Beds | 4, two rooms with a 2 person beds

€72 per night

This city area is strongly characterized by the abandoned skeleton of industrial Turin of the first half of ‘900, in this fascinating post-apocalyptic appearance you find the torinese innovative center.

Toolbox co-working, with Officine Arduino and FabLab Torino gave a second life to Garrone foundry, abandoned since the Seventies.  This place is a reference point for makers and designers. They share the philosophy of the main values of the open-source and the open-design.

It is not a coincidence that Casa Jasmina is realised here.



Casa Jasmina is a pilot project that started in 2015 and become permanent. It originates from Arduino’s technology and from futuristic vision of Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic.

Here you can find the home automation and the IoT (Internet of Things) application. Objects and systems are connected, they exchange information and they are easily controllable by their users.

While comfortably sitting in the sofa, you can control lights, plants irrigation, space temperature, door opening with an unique application on an I-pad.

Casa Jasmina is also an exposition of open-source furniture, art pieces and murals. These are gifts from artists and makers that stopped by in Turin and get hosted in this apartment. They contribute to this growing systemby leaving their sign.  

This place ambition is to join the Torinese hand-made tradition with the innovative and technological one.

Casa Jasmina is available on Airbnb. It is perfect for whom wants to share an idea, or for whom wants to try a unique place, a different lifestyle, which only Turin can give you.

All images © 2017 Anna Silenzi