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A passionate of cheese (like me) cannot miss CHEESE, because it’s really an unique experience! Every two years I’m looking forward to September to have a daily trip in Bra to literally “get drunk” of cheese and to bring it with me, just a small stock for a few months! It’s incredible how a small town like Bra can host such an important event and well organized. Every year Slow Food tries to do better and it does!

From Slow Food Presidia, to Cheese Market, to affineurs and selezionatori avenue, to Food truck and Street food I’ll take you to this tasty and fine journey.


CHEESE 2017 

15/18 September 2017 Bra | Cuneo 

Happy birthday Cheese!

For the twentieth birthday of Cheese, this year Slow Food has decided to dedicate this big international event (yes, because there were a lot of Americans and Japanese visitors and from all over the world) to raw milk products, that represent the leitmotif of all the event, from the conferences to workshop to the market. This choice marks the overcoming of a big border: in fact, for the first time it won’t be room for cheese realized with pasteurized milk.

Many people trying to understand why to use raw milk instead pasteurized milk. The answer lies in the milk properties that doesn’t undergo heat treatment, so it’s not warmed to temperatures above 40° and above all is reach of nutrients, organoleptic characteristics and vitamins. The so-called fresh cow’s milk that I usually drank at my grandparents house when was child! This kind of milk allows you to taste the real characters of cheese, ones that reminds you the natural flavors, the herbs and the flowers of the pastures and the perfumes and aromas of the territory. Because the raw milk cheese is better!

It’s incredible how many kinds of cheese there exists, if you think about that the only three ingredients of cheese; milk, salt and rennet! But Slow Food underlines that there exists a fourth ingredients, called “invisible,” that are cultures. Not by chance another important topic of this edition is natural cheese, realized without industrial cultures.

A culinair voyage

In every entrance of the event they give you a well illustrated map and whit this you are ready to go around Cheese. It depends from which parts of Bra you arrive, but my first step was the Beer, street food and food truck Square, just near the Gelato Square (the temptation was strong even it was early in the morning but I came back for an afternoon snack) where I found many beer producers, also gluten free for my luck!

After tasting some snacks and a tris of risotto with different types of cheese I was direct to my desired destination: the Italian Market! Even this year all the exhibitors was divided by regions, from north to south presenting all the best italian delicacy. From Robiola di Roccaverano (the Robiola with the capital R, the real one and not one that you find at the supermarket) to Parmigiano matured 34 months all the way up the Pecorino from Tuscany, Sardinia and gorgonzola from Novara. Nearly this dairy goodies products there weren’t also honey, marmalades and fruits preserved to accompany the cheese tasting.

My culinary voyage continued on to the International Market, in this edition more room was given to the american raw milk cheese. On the way back to the Gelato Square, born from the collaboration between Alberto Marchetti with Inalpi to realize stunning recipe with genuine, fresh and selection products, I stopped by at Noglu, the alternative gastronomy that has been opened from few months in Via Pollenzo. A gluten free gastronomy and pastry but that propose also vegetarian and vegan dishes and was my afternoon snack.

My journey ended with a visit at the Great Room of cheese and the wine shop, that is the Living Room of Cheese, where you can find 139 different specialties of cheese comes from all over the world that you can join it with a wine tasting of Slow Wine choosing from over four hundred labels, all Italians.

In conclusion my day trip gave me a lot of satisfaction, letting me spend a day in the spirit of food, and letting me know a new healthy aspect of this beautiful and refined product that is cheese, one of my favorite food.

We will see each other in Bra for Cheese 2019 (unfortunately has to pass two long years before do it again because it’s a biennale event) but in the meantime if you have an irrepressible desire of cheese take a look at Gastronomia Baudracco in Vittorio Emanuele II 62, or at Baita del Formaggio in Via Lagrange, both a few steps from Porta Nuova. Enjoy!

All images © 2017 Carola Uecher