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Le strade di Torino

About us

Hi, we are Jehanne & Monica, the founders of Le strade di Torino!

Over the past several years, Turin has become one of the most surprising cities to visit in Italy. The bloggers of Le strade di Torino love to capture this evolution and share their new discoveries with you. Shops, restaurants, lunch places, hotels – we try them all and write about our most memorable experiences, so that you can check them out, too. Plus, because Le strade di Torino itself has grown from a passion project into something even bigger, we’ve also started to leave the streets of Turin to explore those of Piedmont, the rest of Italy, and Europe… where else should we go?

We have three dedicated bloggers writing about the topics they love: Monica, the healthy nutArianna, the designerMaria Chiara, the fashionista, Valentina, the foodie and Gianluca, the other foodie.

We also love to welcome others with a passion for this city to share their Turin experiences or projects with our readers. So, we have a diverse groups of locals writing about their unique interests in our guest columns from time to time. You can take a look at those here.

We’re pretty proud of this blog and how we’ve grown it so far, and are excited to have been featured in Lonely Planet, Allegra and

The way we work

The restaurants, bars, shops and activities we write about are all tried out independently by our bloggers, and are all genuine recommendations. Hotels featured on our site are the only exception to this, as they sometimes offer a free night’s stay for our writers.

Curious about what happens when we have a bad experience somewhere? We don’t post about it.

You want to work together?

Le strade di Torino is always keen to collaborate on subjects related to Turin or travelling. Please write to us at with your idea and we will come back to you! Here all details of how we work and how we can help you! 

Have tips for us? Or, want to ask us something?

We know that we are not perfect, so if you know how we could do something better, please let us know! We’d also love to hear any questions you may have. Send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or email at and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting Le strade di Torino!

Jehanne & Monica