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What to do this weekend… or better for New Year’s Eve? 2017-2018

What to do this weekend… or better for New Year’s Eve? 2017-2018

1. I DUA Concert

The beautiful, cozy and sophisticated restaurant La Capanna Dei Donni is hosting the amazing duo I DUA for a special New Year’s Eve concert. Not only is the food delicious and the place filled with warmth and style but the musical duo I DUA will perform folk, rock, country and a taste of pop music to make sure you spend a memorable night. Check out more information here.

2. Taste, View, and Smell with GuViOl

GuViOl is the perfect combination of the class of a restaurant and the informal approach to customers of a bistro. They are hosting a special event to celebrate the coming New Year. The place has a cozy and industrial atmosphere where you can enjoy a menu made especially for the event, composed of re-visited recipes prepared with genuine ingredients. You can learn more about GuViOl and its special concept here.

3. Quail Distillery X Scalo Vanchiglia

The Quaglia Distillery and the Scalo Vanchiglia restaurant are joining their forces to propose a special New Year’s Eve dinner. The thought behind this event is to “keep the best and forget the rest” which definitely inspires us a fantastic night to celebrate the end of 2017 and the hopes for 2018. The event combines everything you need for the perfect New Year’s Eve: food, drinks, and music! Find more information about the event here.

4. New Year’s Eve In Town

Spend your last 2017 moments in the city you love with 4 different events. You can choose between a 7 hours concert starting with Luca Morino, Giorgio Conte and Daniele Lucca, performing famous songs by Gipo Farassino; a soul and blues concert by Andrea Mingardi and 2 other music performances. You can find more details about the 4 different events here.

5. Vertigo Circus Show

What better way to end the year than by getting your mind blown away?! Enjoy the Vertigo Circus Show for New Year’s Eve. You will discover talented, mind-blowing artists from all around the world who will definitely make your night one of a kind! Find more information here.