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Le strade di Torino

Things to do

Things to do

In Turin there are endless things to do, see, and explore. Let us inspire you with what we think are the unmissable ones. 

Art & Museums

Torino Graphic Days || #InTheCity

The upcoming fall brings a load of new stuff to the table: Torino Graphic Days Vol.02 makes its entrance through this month of September by hosting, before the festival, a series of free events all around the city, as any other international festival would do. Arianna #inthecity From September the 7th to October the 11th In the city of Turin Torino Graphic Days From October the 12th to October the 15th Toolbox | Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2 Welcome back, Torino Graphic Days! Torino Graphic Days is a 4-days festival dedicated to visual arts, design and graphic experimentation. Workshops, exhibitions, […]

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Fané | Vintage Showroom

In the so called Vanchiglietta, distant enough from the chaos of the city center but also exposed to the cultural and gastronomic turmoil caused by the many commercial activities born in that area, we find Fané, a vintage showroom that winks at new clients through its mysterious and original front window. Formerly an architects’ studio, the apartment that houses Fané is also Decostudio‘s headquarter, communication agency among the coolest in town, but also Maurizio and Diego’s full time project, that happened long before Fané. Arianna Fané | Vintage Showroom Via Reggio, 30/B,  Torino +39 340 647 4574 Visits on appointment […]

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BCamp Outdoor Training

I love when the city becomes the place for athletes and the cars have to leave the streets to runners. My favorite moment of the year is the departure of the Marathon or of the StraTorino, but this special holiday day was also exciting! In fact, on 25th April we participated in a sports event organized by BCamp Outdoor Training in the streets of Turin, which took us to run and train between Piazza San Carlo, the Mole, Piazza Vittorio and the Valentino park. Monica Every day of the week Parco della Certosa, Pianezza, Piazza d’Armi, Parco Ruffini For info […]

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Glamping at Tenuta il castelletto

I say camping.. however.. ..forget the enormous camping checklist, ..forget shared bathrooms, ..forget to unzip your sleeping bag, find your shoes, unzip your tent for a pee, ..forget waking up with a blocked back, ..forget being eaten by mosquitoes during your sleep.. while instead.. ..think of a white bed with Egyptian cotton, ..think of waking up with singing birds, ..think of a private terrace with a stunning view, ..think of a fully equipped kitchen and a good glass of Piedmonte wine, ..think of Vacanze Romane and the Vespa.. Say hi to…. glamping at Tenuta il Castelletto! Jehanne Tenuta il Castelletto […]

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