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Le strade di Torino

Lets add some colour to Turin | La mole

Lets add some colour to Turin | La mole

galleria torino

“Turin is a gray city” is what I have been often told when I stated that I had chosen Turin as the city to live. Turin is not gray. Turin, like all the simply beautiful things, just doesn’t feel like showing off.  It is a city to be discovered slowly, at a slow speed. Searching the soul of the city with respect.

In this column we will talk about the colours of Turin, starting with black and white images of the past that tell a story to which we add ours colours, paint, illustrations, emotions, anecdotes and little rituals, such as walking under the mole and slowly seeing it in all its majesty, remaining impressed by it every single time.

Sip a glass of red wine at Bistrot Montebello and remember all the famous people who have been moved by the city Turin and left their trace through the city. It could happen that between a sip and two accordion notes, that you see Friedrich Nietzsche, who stops and writes in his notebook “Turin is not a place you abandon“.

Graphics by Nicolò Canova and text by Serena Campelli

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