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Le strade di Torino

Colours of Turin

Colours of Turin is a little project made by 4 hands: two to draw and two to write. The idea was born a few years ago by accident: it was a funny touch to some old prints of Turin given by a prose. We could not refuse them, however they were a bit too sad to be hung up so dusty and spilled. A big pink snail in the castle square was just what we wanted, a couple of green rabbits in the skies of Piazza San Carlo were what we were looking for!

Our little project for Le strade di Torino aims to give color to our city, in a real and metaphorical sense, by telling some anecdotes, places and emotions that characterize our city through a shared exchange between the written language and that of the image.


dare colore a torino

Nicolò & Serena

Nicolò and Serena are the founder of L’Ufficio Moderno.
A network of open-minded professionals with complementary skills that collaborate together in the field of coordinated image projects, graphics and creative consulting.

Nicolò Canova is an artist, an illustrator and a creator of images. By using different materials, techniques and subjects, he explores the creative and visual world, evoking hidden memories that turn into colorful strokes in the sometimes flat and sometimes dynamic world. With spontaneity and at times childish, his work focuses on the relationship between the inner world and the outside world and their continuous dance of cause and effect.

Discover more about Nicolò on his website & @noah_s_ark.

Serena Campelli, graduated in economics and specialized in managing the technical and creative processes of the textile industry, she explores trends, fabrics and colors. Serena has a brand of accessories for men and women called Diderot Maison. You can find her by appointment at her studio atelier near Piazza Vittorio.

Discover more about Serena on her website

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