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Le strade di Torino



Almost created from a bet with herself, Dolcelia is the right place where finally you can grant yourself with a freshly baked brioche and a smoking cappuccino for starting the day in a good way. Ippocrate said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” and exactly from this quotation, Monica has decided to begin her experience, from the finances studies to the pastry making, for creating something different, accepting all the challenges and prove herself. But I have to say that she succeeded perfectly!



Piazza Amedeo Peyron, 15 | Torino

Caffè/ cappuccino 1.10/1.20 – Brioche GF 1.90-2.20
Tuesday – Friday 7.30am/11.30pm
Saturday – Sunday 8am/12am

The perfect puff pastry

The crowing glory of her dream took her to have such a great fame between the people of Turin, celiacs and not, because in my opinion it’s the best gluten free bakery that I have ever tasted, and I tasted a lot, trust me!

Monica is so passionate about her work that she prepare all the sweetness in such a perfect way. After a lot of efforts and exercise she has finally founded the right recipe of her famous and perfect puffy pastry, of a crispness and softness never seen before. As many people know, working with gluten free flour is a very difficult job because they are more “fragile”. You need to find the perfect combination between all the ingredients, particularly in pastry making is a matter of grams. Her puff pastry is such perfect that it allows her to realized all the possible goodies, from the classical croissant with marmalade, to chocolate saccottino, to the cream cannolo (a bomb!) up to the sfogliatine with fruit and marmalade. A paradise in short, but especially a quality that until now I have only seen in Parisian boulangerie, but Monica managed to reach!

Sweet or salted? The choice is yours

Dolcelia is not just sweet, as the name said, but it’s also salted. In fact I have to underline that Dolcelia born after Queendici, the other property of Monica. It’s situated in the same place and it offers pizza. And, drumroll..obviously the pizza is also gluten free!
Maybe I have to clarify better. In 2011 Monica first open her restaurant called Queendici, pizzeria that originally offered just regular pizza. Then, when the demands about gluten free stuff started to increase, she realized she has to change something and introduce herself with also a different role, that is gluten free. And this it worked because her passion and dedication they led her to have a loyalty customers. Obviously she had to create a new space for the gluten free preparation both of the pastry sweet and salted both of the pizza, that it propose as well as traditional pizza dough, even one with charcoal that I’ll soon have to taste!

From the breakfast to the pizza with friends, seeing is believing. You will never regret yourself!
Oh, by the way, from January it will change location but in same neighborhood. Stay tuned!

All images © 2017 Carola Uecher