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Vermouth Experience

Vermouth Experience

We can define it as a typical Turin product, though its roots come from far, and you may or may not like it, but its taste is unique and recognizable. For years I thought it was a drink from “Bar Sport” for those with an hard stomach (and liver) but under a friend advice I tried it and now it’s my favorite aperitif; I’m talking about vermouth and yes, besides drinking I’ve learned to make it myself as well. 


Esperienza Vermouth
Via Cigna 96/17 D | Torino

011 1921 4791

Two times on Thursday – info at pagina FB
Price €28

Vermouth, not only for oldies

Turin in 2017, enter in a bar, sit at the counter and you’re tired of drinking. Always the same spritz and relying on the barman’s advice, you can be sure that from one moment to the next he will recommend you a red or white vermouth, have not you ever drank it? Try it!

Why do I dare to say this? Because we are in Turin and if we go to investigate the history of this drink, we discover that “all the streets of the vermouth go to Turin”! Wine flavored with intense taste and varying color depending on the type, smooth or with ice, as you prefer, was born in Germany and about 1700 finds home in our beautiful city; In the last few years he has been refreshing trick and wig, he has taken away a bit of old and is becoming a drink more and more drunk and also appreciated by the younger. And where, if not here, the “Vermouth Experience” project could be born, event created by Jo-in, a tour operator in Turin specialied in food and wine in Piemonte and Fulvio Piccinino, one of the world’s top experts in this field.

From the small chemist to the vermouth apprentice 

In the Barriera di Milano, a district that is increasingly enriched with new social, cultural and gastronomic offerings, we were at the Jo-in where, for 2 Thursdays per month, from 20.00 to 22.30, you can live a true multi-sensory experience to discover the history, curiosities, tastes and smells of the Turin aromatic wine, and also become, for one evening, a “Vermouth Apprentice”.

Yes, there is the beauty of this Vermouth Experience, not only is it possible to learn from one of the top experts on the subject, but you can experiment with the use of real raw materials the path of creating a custom Vermouth, which brings our signature and meets our tastes. Everyone with their own “small chemical” place where you can find all the herbs, necessary for the creation of the drink, either in raw natural form or in liquid form ready for use, you will taste everything to know each taste from the sweetest ones to the bitter ones and during the evening you will be served three tastes of the best vermouth to teach you how to distinguish and appreciate them.

Then of course you can bring your vermouth at home, mine I have it here in beautiful sight, and exhibit it at dinners with relatives and friends hoping for a great result, and if not, next time we recommend a sewing or dècoupage workshop, PROMISE!!

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All images © 2017 Fabio Rovere