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Le strade di Torino

Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh at La Reggia di Venaria

Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh at La Reggia di Venaria

A Sunday afternoon is for me the perfect occasion to relax and get inspired. Especially after helping my boyfriend in his agriturismo at the countryside, I could use some relaxing time. From the moment I saw a Peter Lindbergh’s banner on the street I was curious to see his work. The fact that Peter Lindbergh’s exhibition is produced by Kunsthal Rotterdam made me even more enthusiastic of seeing his art. His name sounds familiar, but I cannot place well his influence in art. He seems to be ‘just’ a fashion photographer which shows models and their fashion. I decided to drag my boyfriend with me to see if Peter Lindbergh’s work at La Reggia di Venaria is more than ‘just’ some fashion photography.


Until 4 February 2018
La Reggia di Venaria

Piazza della Repubblica 4, Venaria Reale (TO) Italy

Opening hours | Tuesday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.00 Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 – 18.30
Tickets | Full price €12,00 (
Free admission with Abbonamento Musei)

Peter Brodbeck

Peter Brodbeck was born in 1944 in Lissa (present-day Poland) and spent his childhood in Duisburg. In the early 1960 he attended the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts and later he studied free painting at the College of Art in Krefeld. In 1971 he started to get more interested in photography and decided to work for two years as an assistant of German Photographer Hans Lux. In 1973 he changed his name in Peter Lindbergh and became more famous in his native country. In 1978 Peter Lindbergh moved to Paris and started working for different fashion brands and magazines such as Vogue, New Yorker, Rolling Stone and many more. Lindbergh is best known for his portraits, influenced by cinema, dance and ballet.

Non-glossy images for Glossy magazines

La Reggia di Venaria is one of my favourite locations to enjoy an exhibition. The enormous building brings you back in time and gives an extra character to the works of art. By entering the exhibition, we see big, black and white photographs of beautiful models. It’s interesting to see the differences between the analogue and digital way of printing. The grain in the analogue photographs is something I definitely like. After seeing a few photographs, I realise that Peter Lindbergh’s work is so much more than just fashion photography. The absence of colour, hardly any make-up, no glossy appearance: he presents the soul and the personality of the models in all honesty. The fact that he chooses black and white instead of colour is making the person in the picture more real and pure, colour would distract the truth. As a visitor, you see the models in their pure state, their natural beauty. Lindbergh believes that there is something that makes a person interesting beyond their age. The imperfections are making the people in front of the camera more unique. By this believe he changes the standard of fashion photography.

Kate moss, Paris, 2015

Human Beings

It’s clear that human beings are Lindbergh’s focus. During my study at the Art academy I was always intrigued by human beings as an individual and in society. Maybe that’s why I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about Lindbergh’s work. On a table in the second room there are some polaroid pictures which shows the moment a model has to cut her hair short and put on some men clothes. There comes the gender issue, which is a hot topic nowadays. In 1980 Lindbergh’s humanist approach was inspired by gender duality. He is not just a Fashion photographer, he makes political and social statements. These statements are visible in the pictures below. The photograph with the sentence: Abuse of power comes as no surprise is something we are still dealing with in today’s society.

Kristen McMenamy, New York, 1993

Influential contemporary photographers

After seeing Lindbergh’s exhibition it’s clear to me that he as a fashion photographer made a huge difference in the fashion and photography industry. He is one of the most influential contemporary photographers.  It’s not about making a good picture of a ‘perfect’ person. It’s about showing who they really are. Even if you’re not into Fashion, Peter Lindbergh’s exhibition is definitely worth the visit.

All images © 2017 Anne-Marije Middag