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Feel Desain | Food for Creative Minds

Feel Desain | Food for Creative Minds

Creativity is probably in one’s DNA, but one thing is for sure: to keep the sparkle alive, it needs to be nourished and pursued every day. This is what Feel Desain was born for, an online magazine which provides always new insights on the most different creative fields, a database of creative projects from all around the globe, to keep us informed and updated about the latest trends in design but also to help us see things from a different perspective.

But Feel Desain doesn’t only speak to its community through a series of pixels on a screen: on May 31st FEEL – Issue n.2 has been released, second issue of a paper magazine which already had its editorial debut in 2015. On June, 6th the magazine will be presented at Circolo del Design for an exclusive event to which you’re all invited and will be available to purchase for a very special price.


Feel Desain + Curve Studio

Via dei Mille 22

+011 19665510

Three reasons to support FEEL:

  1. Because it promotes creativity and design in every possible way
  2. Because it’s 100% Made-in-Turin but it’s very well known worldwide
  3. Because leafing through the pages of a magazine will always be better than just scrolling on a smartphone screen 😛

Food for Creative Minds

Art, architecture, design, photography, graphic design, fashion: these and many others are the fields Feel Desain is interested in and also the ones it supports to promote creative culture by sharing innovative projects and inspiring news from all around the globe.

Feel Desain is an international platform: the blog it’s in english, in order to be accessible to a wider range of public – also because most of its followers are from outside Italy. Its social accounts are well known across the internet, with more than 14k followers on Instagram and 142k on Facebook. It also drew the attention of big design festivals such as Forward Festival or Dubai Design Days becoming media partners for this kind of events. Big brands such as Adidas, Vice, Durex, Heineken also collaborated with the blog, working together to create unique campaigns and collaborations.

Feel – Issue n.2

The paper magazine, printed in collaboration with Printaly, collects some of the most interesting projects of the last years: from the Muji Hut to the surreal adv campaigns by Sagmeister and Walsh to the most independent projects such as, for example, the one conceived by BAUMM: they create backpacks from secondhand fabrics which once belonged to parachutes. A lethal dose of 120 pages full of creativity and inspiration held together by a soft touch cover with a minimal and customizable design. A white canva that seems to tell you: I dare you to fill this blank page with something new – right now!

FEEL will be available for purchase on Amazon or directly on June 6th at Circolo del Design, where it will be presented by the founders. A few snacks and drinks will follow but most importantly it will be possible to buy the issues n.1 and n.2 for a very speacial price – 10€ for the newest issue, 20€ for both.

Curve Studio

Behind the Feel Desain projects there’s an history of success achieved by the Made-in-Turin creative studio Curve Studio, founded in 2010 and specialized in digital communication, graphic design, social strategy… and much more. The studio is a continuously evolving creature, a space conceived for experimenting and trying always new things. An example? A room of the studio will soon become an AirBnb for artists who decide to come to Turin for a while, a tailor-made oasis of peace for designers.

All images © 2017 Arianna Cristiano