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Le strade di Torino


On the contrary, tall and sordid, I am born and bred in a small town outside of Turin. For reasons of study, I moved to Vanchiglia and nowadays I find myself divided between Piedmont and Liguria, where my family and friends are.

My degree makes me as “Graphic Designer” but I did everything except that one, voracious of novelty and completely reluctant of the routine, and with a great passion for travelling and sneakers.

For passion and profession, I am a lover of good food and good wine, depending on the sea and the mountain I love to walk and be in the open air and, although I love Turin, it is hard to find myself in the city on weekends.

I write about what I do and I photographe what I see, I have almost always my backpack on my back when I leave to go home but I do not always know when I come back.


Things I cannot live without || Coffee, the old school black and the antipathic and indispensable Liguria.

Favourite coffee place in Turin || At QUI in Vanchiglia, first an americano to drink slowly and then an espresso at the bar. Ofcourse, before this all, I already had a moka coffee at home!

Favourite street || Via Sant’Ottavio without any doubts. My home in Turin and all the memories of my last years.

The thing that makes me feel Torinese || To shop at nine o’clock in the morning or to go for a quiet dinner in the less crowded places, to cut off Maria Vittoria to avoid the chaos of Via Po.

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