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Le strade di Torino

Glamping at Tenuta il castelletto

Glamping at Tenuta il castelletto

I say camping.. however..

..forget the enormous camping checklist,
..forget shared bathrooms,
..forget to unzip your sleeping bag, find your shoes, unzip your tent for a pee,
..forget waking up with a blocked back,
..forget being eaten by mosquitoes during your sleep..

while instead..

..think of a white bed with Egyptian cotton,
..think of waking up with singing birds,
..think of a private terrace with a stunning view,
..think of a fully equipped kitchen and a good glass of Piedmonte wine,
..think of Vacanze Romane and the Vespa..

Say hi to…. glamping at Tenuta il Castelletto!


Tenuta il Castelletto

Strada Annuziata 23 | Nizza Monferatto

0039 327 9119 849 | info@castelletto .biz

Price | from €700 per week for a 4 persons lodge tent

Reservation | Be on time with your reservation as the lodge tents are often fully booked before the summer even starts

place to stay turin

place to stay turin

Glamping Tenuta il Castelletto

On the top of a hill next to the town Nizza Monferrato, surrounded by the vineyards, you find seven beautiful lodge tents with a beautiful view. It is the glamping of Michael and Fijke, a Dutch couple that decided to sell their house in the Netherlands and to follow their dream: a luxurious camping in Italy. For a couple of days I stepped into their dream and enjoyed their luxurious lodge tent in the middle of the Piedmontese countryside. It is the perfect place to de-stress and to enjoy the amazing Italian kitchen with the lovely Piemonte wine.
place to stay turin

place to stay turin

place to stay turin

The tents are Dutch design with room for a whole family. We stayed in a 4 person lodge tent with a 2 person bed, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a separate bedroom with two 1 person beds. A good night’s rest is guaranteed as every bed has a mosquito net and white eqyptian sheets. Even the wake up is perfect, as the singing birds will remind you that you are sleeping in the nature.

place to stay turin
place to stay turin
place to stay turin

Driving the Vespa through the wineries of Piemonte

Michael and Fijke love their new home and are always happy to show you why. They are always available for any questions, advice and to give you a hand. To enrich your stay they also offer a Vespa Experience. For one day we rent their Vespa and took off with a old fashioned map in which Michael shows his Vespa route through the countryside of Piedmont, including stops at Acqui Terme, Castello Medievale di Monastero Bormida, Canelli with the best places to have lunch, a glass of wine or an ice-cream. See here our lovely Vespa trip: 

place to stay turinWatching the map to find out which street to take…

place to stay turin

One of the stunning views over Piedmonts’ vineyards

place to stay turin

Left stop 1: The lovely town Acqui Terme | Right stop 2: Castello Medievale di Monastero Bormida

place to stay turin

Stop 3: Canelli, the place to visit a winery and to eat an ice-cream!

place to stay turin

And another amazing view..

Tips Piemonte, the website full of insiders’ tips

Michael and Fijke fell in love with this rural area of Italy because of its wines, hazelnuts and truffels. As they know every secret corner of Piedmonte and noticed that it was difficult to find information about Piemonte on the internet,  they made a website called Tips Piemonte where you can find all their secret places of Piedmonte. For example the Hazelnut farm Barroero of Stefano, where hazelnuts are not only grown but also processed till delicious sweets, pasta’s and salted nuts. Or the winery Bosca Canneli, one of the 4 Underground Cantina’s which are on the list of Unesco World Heritage. 

All images © 2017 Jehanne Oostra