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Le strade di Torino

Il Baracchino Itinerante

Il Baracchino Itinerante

From vegan pad thai to matcha brownies, Il Baracchino Itinerante delivers colourful, seasonal, produce-centred lunches by bike across the city.


Il Baracchino Itinerante

Via Belfiore 41 | Torino
333 888 7721

Budget: €

The Via Belfiore shop will open in May for eat-in lunches. Takeaway lunch orders can currently be made by calling/texting the above number any time before midday each day for same day delivery. The weekly menu is posted each Sunday – check the Facebook page to see what’s available.

Eat the rainbow

When Sabrina Steriti started up Il Baracchino Itinerante, she wanted her plant-driven lunches – delivered on weekdays by her trusty bike messengers – to tick a few boxes: colourful, fresh, homemade, vegetarian. “It’s all something you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Torino,” she says. “I bet nobody else is making matcha brownies!” The menu changes every week, usually offering three vegetarian and two vegan options, plus a couple of desserts, all for around €6 euro for one meal. It could be a veggie burrito with basmati rice, kidney beans and roast zucchini, or a brown rice risotto with sweet potato, mushrooms, parsley and parmesan.

A taste for travels

The first time I met Sabrina, we instantly started talking about all the different foods she’d experienced when she lived in Australia – where I’m from! Though she’d always been a capable cook – “my grandmothers did a good job” – her travels and work in restaurants throughout Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand opened her eyes to many more cuisines and inspired her to become vegetarian. “Going abroad made me realise there was so much more out there. Avocado, dragron fruit, Thai food – I’d never tried those before leaving Italy. I went nuts for pad thai in Australia!” she says. Those ingredients and influences are now part of her signature dishes – vibrant ‘buddha bowls’, a mix of raw and roasted vegetables with hummus, topped with avonese (an avocado mayonnaise); a vegan version of pad thai without fish or oyster sauces; and horchata, a rice-almond milk flavoured with cinnamon, which she learned to make while working at a Mexican restaurant in New Zealand.

Meals on wheels, with a conscience

“I’m really concerned about the environment,” Sabrina says of choosing to use bikes rather than cars to deliver Il Baracchino Itinerante lunches – baracchino means lunchbox in Piedmontese dialect (she’s a born and raised torinese herself), so the business name means ‘the travelling lunchbox’. Plus, the majority of her fresh produce is all seasonal, local ingredients from the Porta Palazzo markets – chilometro zero, ‘zero kilometre’, as they say in Italian. The decision to serve only meat-free meals was another important element of striving toward a low-impact operation. “It’d be stupid to create a business just to make money, without thinking about what you’re doing for the future of the planet.”

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