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Le strade di Torino

La chambre, I tell you a story

La chambre, I tell you a story

A stylist mom (or almost!), exuberant and volcanic, a photographer daughter and a blue balloon that flies away and then comes back in Turin. A La Chambre des Histoires every creation (sewn by hand) is a beating heart.

Maria Chiara

La Chambre des histoires

Via Ormea 14/A | Torino

333 7277005 – 338 3801428

Wednesday 10am-1pm | 4pm-7pm
Thursday 10am-1pm | 4pm-6.30pm
Friday 10am-1pm | 4pm-7pm

To start

Get a vintage refrigerator, a couple of chairs stolen at a theater, some grandma’s bedside tables and a red brick wall; add a very classy Lady and a sweet 30 years old girl and you’re done.

La Chambre des histoires echoed to a photo gallery, one of those you would expect to find in Williamsburg with the charm of romantic Paris and the nostalgic soul of genuine things.

This shop appeared around two years in via Ormea, in the neighbourhood San Salvario which is filled of the smell of freshly baked bread and that of the European flavour places, a shop born from the desire to tell two generations and thousands of real-life stories. Eleonora’s mother is the expert creator of each dress exposed, inevitable unique creations.

galleria torino

Stories and much more

There is not a definite style, here you will find the right outfit for every occasion: tulle and cotton, silk and lycra inspire unique creations, they are all the product of a funny and colorful bickering between mother and daughter.

A wonderful poncho-blanket double-face that mixes the Scottish kilt fabric with a floral print, decorated umbrellas, handmade collars, shirts and trousers, pendants of South West China and painted bags, just a preview of what you’ll find in La Chambre and you can’t help but fall in love with.

And if there is something that not corresponds exactly to your requests, nothing is impossible here and anything can be realized.

A strong point is the prices: in a country like Italy where the craft sometimes appears expensive, La Chambre associates the quality of “handmade” with honesty, giving the possibility of having a unique piece at an average price of 100 euros.

torino arte

torino arte


Eleonora also carries on a beautiful project through a line of printed t-shirts (25 euros) and bijeaux that have as symbol a “balòn libre”: fantastic as a t-shirt can talk to you about women’s rights with tact and simplicity.

Fashion is comfort, elegance and reuse; you reinvent yourself every day and that is what transpires from their collections: a continuous and full of contrasts evolution that is the real driving force of innovation.

Looking back helps you to discover your talents and your pleasures, feeling part of a generation. Have roots with which to confront and to which to clutch at is the feeling at the base of La Chambre and of objects that inhabit it: a place where you can choose what you like and dress up your story, drawing inspiration from them.

“Empathy” is the word written on the t-shirts that I’ve choosen as a memo about this trip among La Chambre memories; it comes from “pàthos” and indicates the ability to fully understand the other people state of mind. The great thing, indeed, of interviewing strangers, is that you see how people do their job with passion, pleasure and dedication, without giving up the game and the thrill of risk. Within these walls, the sensation is exactly that.

torino arte

Shopping advice for the upcoming summer

If you are looking for what to wear this summer, a lycra caftano (used as dress during an aperitif in the city or as a beachrobe) to match with the beautiful logo-silver jewelry which are coming soon on the shelves. It is the winning couple and a really chic way to not think about the swimsuit season!

torino arte

All images © 2017 Eleonora Lauro

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