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Le strade di Torino

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Unlike many other travel blogs, we do not write to advertise someone or something. Everything we tell you, from restaurants, to shops, to museums, are places that we personally know and hang out at, which we are particularly fond of and that we honestly recommend to our readers. We make only one exception for hotels, as they often offer us a free night. What happens if we do not like something or have a bad experience? We simply remain silent, without writing anything about it.

Would you like to work or collaborate with us?

Le Strade di Torino is always enthusiastic about new projects about Turin and beyond, new trips and adventures. Thanks to our experience both as influencers and digital marketing professionals, we can transform any experience, journey or product into a social media marketing campaign. We can help you create content, develop a promotional strategy, manage your social accounts and offer specialized advice. Write us by email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you want to get to know us better? You can find us on LinkedIn: Jehanne Oostra (right) – Monica Pianosi (left). And here you can find our Press Kit.

Some examples of services we can offer you:

  1. Development of articles and contents concerning the gastronomic, environmental, musical, theatrical and artistic sectors, in Italian and in English
  2. Reportage, presentations and interventions on Turin, the Langhe, Piedmont
  3. Photographs of products, locations, shops, events, portraits and photo-reportage
  4. Videos of products, venues, events, interviews
  5. Consultancy and training in the field of digital marketing (content, social media, influencers, advertising, SEO)
  6. Courses about copywriting, photography, video editing
  7. Participation in press tours and events
  8. Reviews of products, locations, and tourist destinations
  9. Event reportage
  10. Reportage of tourist destinations

Below our specialisation!

Influencer marketing

Brand Ambassador – Our audience knows us and follows our advice. They know that we publish and recommend only products and places that we believe in and that reflect our ideals! For this reason, we can be perfect as ambassadors for your brand. We are also a large group of influencers, with different experiences and audiences; so we can reach a very wide and diverse audience!

@lestradeditorino – lifestyle 16.2k follower su instagram | 10k fan su facebook
@avegetarianinitaly – healthy food & lifestyle 10.4k | @noah_s_ark – painter & illustrator 6k
@la_v_ – food 2.2k | @_____bia__________ – food & lifestyle 1.4k
@kristina_nanovik – photography 2k | @daniele_epifani_ – fashion photography 1.7k
@maik_20 – food & architecture 1.6k | @marie_je_suis_claire – fashion 1.3k
@fabio_rovere – photography & lifestyle 1k | @ariannacristiano – designer & illustrator 0.6k
Total follower – 44.3k (dic 2017)

Social media marketing

Social media marketing campaigns – Thanks to our professional background and experience in managing complex social media campaigns, we will be able to attract the attention of your target audience that is increasingly not receptive to traditional advertising. Thanks to our big following, we can put your brand in touch with a wide audience thanks to the blog, reviews, photos and stories on Instagram and social media takeovers. We create content of the highest value, in the form of photography, video and text, and share them on the major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Social media marketing consultancy – Looking for a way to talk and interact with your fans or do you want to enlarge your audience? We can help you! With many years of experience in the field, we offer advice on social strategies and we can manage the accounts for you if you wish!

Content creation

Photoshoots & Reportage – Thanks to the experience of our team we offer the possibility to realize photoshoots of different nature: fashion, architecture, food, still life and more! We are prepared for any type of content or event!

Video – Our team has the creative ability to design videos that tell stories or promote products that engage the viewer. We create videos for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Copywriting and storytelling – In our team you will find professional journalists and copywriters. We can write content for you, product descriptions and reviews or write articles for your blog, newspaper or website.


Digital reach

Web Site:
Sessions: 18.400 (monthly avg)
Users: 12.600 (monthly avg)
Monthly page views: 40.600 (monthly avg)
Audience Demographics: Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Netherland, Germany,
Traffic source: Social (Facebook and Instagram), direct, organic search

Facebook: 10.300 fans

Facebook Reach: 387.900+ (monthly avg)
Facebook Engaged Users: 18.200+ (monthly avg)
Facebook Impressions: 530.000+ (monthly avg)

Instagram Reach: 9.200+ (monthly avg)
Instagram Impressions
: 68.000+ (monthly avg)

Update: Dec. 2017