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Le strade di Torino

Let it snow!  Wear you snowshoes and go to la Madonna di Cotolivier

Let it snow! Wear you snowshoes and go to la Madonna di Cotolivier

It happens that, with the arrival of the first beautiful days, blue painted,  and the cold weather still prevailing, you think that Turin is too close to the mountain to not go to visit it.

What do we do this weekend?

Every Saturday in winter, when the air is crisp and the sun is pleasant, it happens to start with a single goal: to find snow and splash inside it. And no, I’m not talking about skiing today, but of silent snowshoeing in the Piedmont woods, observing the Alps.

Maria Chiara

Type of itinerary | dense forest

Difficulty | MR

Exposure | South

Departure fee (m) | 1150

Peak altitude / maximum altitude (m) | 2107 total difference in height (m): 957

The path

To reach the Madonna of Cotolivier, by means of snowshoes, you need to get to Oulx, preferably in the morning, when you can enjoy the warmer rays. Taste a  delicious pastry in one of the cute shops of the Piedmontese village and continue towards the destination.

By parking close to a complex of wooden houses near the village, the route will be well indicated. A first stop is the one placed at a 40-minute walk (not necessarily equipped with snowshoes for this first part), where you will find a beautiful masonry fountain from which you can drink some very good and fresh water. Continuing, in an hour, you’ll arrive in the little town of Vazon where there is a super cozy with a shelter. Taste a glass of organic apple juice and buy homemade honey and go straight to the goal. Dress up the snowshoes and have fun sinking in the soft and untouched snow. Another hour and a half and you will be on top! The view will open before you and the effort will be rewarded by beauty.


Do not forget to bring with you the necessary equipment and a lot of chocolate to reach the top in the best way! Sun cream on particularly lucky and sunny days and tons of enthusiasm, my usual recommendations!

Then? Where will you go this weekend? The snow is waiting for you!

All images © 2017 Giovanni Spoleti

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