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Le strade di Torino

Maria Chiara | The fashionista

Civil engineer converted to the automotive world, cancer zodiac sign stubborn and compulsive reader, in my thousand passions I discovered writing. A special notebook always with me and precious pearls in the ears are my charms.

Flip flopper for passion, overactive from birth, fierce runner, I enjoy every day as if it were a gift and I am still amazed by the beauty of sunsets.

With the explosive closet and daring pairings since childhood I have always sought the unconventional detail for a fashion that is both beauty and fun.

Torinese by adoption, green is my color, madness and unconsciousness my guides, travel a state of mind.

Things I cannot live without || My running shoes, a white cotton t-shirt, a red lipstick and a novel. On the desert island I will manage it.

Favourite coffee place in Turin || Pai Bikery: American, black, in a larger cup and hot or to take away when I’m in a hurry and I miss the months spent in NYC.

Favourite street || Via Catania, Via Cagliari, in short, beyond the Dora is where I find my Torino, that of uncrowded streets and shops of tailored suits.

The thing that makes me feel Torinese || Bicycling is the thing that makes me feel part of Turìn, a girl who deftly juggles between the streets like she was born there and who knows how to get lost at the right time to find the surprises that the myriad glimpses of this city can give you.

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