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DaDA Honey: Bees on the Road to Revolution

DaDA Honey: Bees on the Road to Revolution

Among the hills of Casalborgone, forty minutes from Turin, there is a small honey laboratory called daDA. Monica, Fabio and I left our hearts there (where we were ravished, in every sense!)


Three reasons to go

  • Because daDA dandelion honey is addictive: you try it once, you can’t stop.
  • Because Casalborgone is a charming place: As beautiful as Chianti is, but without being snobbish at all.
  • Because Daniele and Edoardo are lovely hosts, they will tell you every secret about their honey making.

Dada Miele

Strada Moncalvo | Casalborgone (TO)

Edoardo: + 39 339-4341840
Daniele: + 39 333-1000418

Price: 4 euro 

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The chemistry of the honey it’s invariable. Water and sugar. That’s it. The differences in the jar are made of by the clean countryside air, the light on the hills and the beekeeper will to go up and down, harvesting and melting, any given spring. The truth is: everything depends on how the bees are driven on their road to revolution.      

daDA Boy’ Story

The story I’m going to tell is a story of turnarounds and meetings. The story of a friendship, old-fashioned cars, and Russian revolutions, less than one hour from Turin. This is a story of miles walked: the miles flown by the bees in their explicit romance with flowers and the miles you could cover from Palermo to Piedmont driving an old FIAT, looking for a dream. The daDA bet started in Casalborgone and now this honey flows from luxury hotels in Milan to farmhouses in Puglia, it flows fast and charming.  

While the band of two is trying to conquer the world, they made each other a promise, a promise that looks like a dream: a daDA Tour from Palermo to Turin, driving a second-hand blue FIAT 128, that particular car, honoring a given word: let’s carry on. It’s always a matter of carrying on: if you are a bee buzzing around the world or if you are a beekeeper who every year, six months in a row, moves his 200 beehives, from the valley to the mountain and then back.    

From the flowery meadow to Slow Food

It was June 2017, a less than a year ago, when the estrus of Daniele, a beekeeper and a traveler, meets the style of Edoardo, a young economist devoted to the fine taste.  

The two likes each other, they squabble, like a husband and a wife. They know honey making it’s a hard job, a little miracle, a good that needs protection. They say yes to the adventurous journey. So they start to tell the story of this cream of flower and Monferrato sky, with so many flavors and perfumes, but still with the same chemistry.   

So daDA Honey passes from spoon to spoon. Like all that’s really good it remains in mind.

Someone who taste daDa Honey fall in love with it and invite the brand to join at Florence Taste, the hottest food showcase in Italy. It’s a fresh start for the two guys. Even if they are new to such events, people notice them: the audience exult when tries daDa Honey. It’s a triumph. The cover on the jars is charming, the spoon enters with no resistance, because of daDA Honey it remains soft, avoiding any compromise. The most distinguished flavor, the dandelion, it became a cult. Rhododendron and Mountain flowers achieved the Slow Food recognition.

The Dada Laboratory up in the hills

The distance is short between tale and legend. Rivers of honey start to flow in the laboratory up in the hills. Flavors go from Acacia, the one everybody likes, to the complicated Rhododendron, that comes from the mountains. They eventually took even me. I, the same person who was all the time afraid of the yellow candy my grandma used to gave me, now I’m definitely in for the honey.  

If you are curious or hungry after this honey-story, you can find daDA for sale in some excellent shops Turin (at Lumeria they use it for mixing fantastic cocktails!) Or around the best spots in Italy. But I suggest you be daring: go and get it directly at the laboratory, in the wonderful landscape around Casalborgone. A 40-minute drive from Turin, you can sit in a comfortable English-style armchair and listen to Fred Astaire on the turntable, be tasting all the dada jars of honey, freshly opened for you.

Here at the laboratory Edo and Dani will tell you about their world (and probably they’ll introduce you to all the people in Casalborgone!) We warn you: do not try to avoid their hospitality, there is no way out. More than anything, here, you will understand closely the road that goes from a mountain flower to a jar of glass. And you will know how rough as a fighter is a bee. Conversation at the laboratory concerns Dadaism (which gives a little contribution to the name daDA) and monarchy. You can even enjoy a beer and a cheerful sunset. And you’ll come home late (very late) with the trunk full of daDA jars and some new addiction. For the creamy honey, for the beautiful air in the countryside and for the revolution.

All images © 2018 Fabio Rovere