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Le strade di Torino

Mike | The vegetable gardener

I’m mike, a bearded architect based in Turin. I’m a city citizen but I originally come from the countryside around the Alpi Biellesi, away from pollution and the everyday urban mess. I’m a modern Peter -from Heidi cartoon- who get used to urban lifestyle.

I like cooking and I get especially passionate after my experience abroad (it’s well know how Italians are strongly close to our cuisine); above all I love to grow my own food since I was a child. In the last years, I started to “get the power” over my grandpa’s edible garden, because he’s getting old and tired. Now I’m trying to produce as much food as possible for me and my family because I want to be sure of what I’m eating, because I wanna eat good, fresh and safe food.

I’d like to tell you about my experiences in my garden (located in my hometown) and how many thing we can do with our food, using seasonal vegetable or fruit, trying to combine also local food for a delicious traditional cuisine.

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