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Le strade di Torino

Monica | The health nut

The question I get most often is: are you vegan? So I want to be honest with you: I’m not, I’m 20% vegetarian and 80% vegan, which means that I try to eat as plant-based as possible, but enjoy the occasional gorgonzola and all butter croissant. Becoming vegetarian has been a long process, beginning while I was working on sustainability and started to understand how huge it was the impact on the environment of our diet. But also of our transport choice… As such, because I love travelling too much, I decided that I would cut out as much animal protein as possible and cycle everywhere I could. I consider myself an environmental citizen and I want to do as much as possible to make this world of ours a better place.
Will I judge you because you eat meat? Never! Ask Jehanne and she’ll tell you how bizarre our lunch are when we’re out on a work trip: I ask for a vegetarian meal and she goes for the vitello tonnato, agnolotti and arrosto. So don’t be scared! My idea is to share here with you my favourite veg & healthy place. However I think food is good for you only if you enjoy it. So I will never ask you to become vegan if this makes you sad!

Things I cannot live without || Almond butter (or any kind of nut butter, you have just give it to me!), pizza, and a new city guide.

Favourite coffee place in Turin || Caffè Bodoni, because they give you a teaspoon of whipped cream with your coffee. Just the right amount of sugar – life is about balance!

Favourite street || Piazza Palazzo di Città (which used to be called Piazza delle Erbe) because during Christmas time they put up a canopy of lights across the square that makes this place magical. Plus, on the first Sunday of every month, you can find a farmers market here.

The thing that makes me feel Torinese || Running in Valentino Park during my lunch break and finding a good glass of red wine anywhere!

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