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Le strade di Torino

People of Turin

“Where do you come from? … Turin, oh yes that one in the north at the left”. This is the reason why we tell the stories of people – with words and photos – who live in Turin. It’s not enough to just tell about Turin in big lines, and it’s not enough to describe the city as a postcard. A city is made of people who live there. Ideas, dreams, work, stories mutually contaminate and shape their profile. We love to listen, to catch a smile or a nostalgic look and to brings a message via the stories of others.

iQOS Embassy torino

Chiara & Luca

Chiara Piga, born and raised in Turin, loves her city and its people. Every person has a story to tell and in Chiara they find a listening ear. She captures their stories, which she shares with you here on Le strade di Torino.

Luca Iovino is a freelance photographer and digital post producer. He carries on for years his personal research aimed to tell the urban space and its close relationship with human being through landscapes photographs and portraits. Curious about his work?