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Le strade di Torino

Qui in Vanchiglia

Qui in Vanchiglia

We all have a place, or rather THAT place, which we prefer in one of the thousand places that Turin offers; that place where we like to escape to, go to study or work, bring, or at least try to bring, our friends when they come to visit us; that place where we like to spend hours or just quick visit for a coffee; that bar / restaurant / brewery where we know the name of all those who work there and where all those who work there know ours, in short, that place where we feel at home.

Mine is QUI, and here, I’ll tell you.


QUI in Vanchiglia

Via Giulia di Barolo 16D | Torino
011 812 6626

Monday | Saturday  9am – 10pm
Sunday 11am- 4pm

Costo  € – €€

QUI where the place is beautiful

I admit it, as in this article you will notice, that I’m a bit part of this place as I really like “ QUI in Vanchiglia” and I do not hide it. It was love at first sight, when I entered it for pure curiosity attracted by the eccentric furniture and a jungle-like wallpaper on all the walls; It is located in Via Giulia di Barolo, a slightly narrow street compared to the busiest ones, and this makes it even more a gem to go and try. I heard someone say it could be a Parisian place, it reminds me a lot one of those bars that you find in the streets of Berlin and once you tried you can not wait to go back. The place is easy, a winning formula, a mix of different objects and styles, but on the whole they give it that little bit of out-of-time effect that I personally appreciate a lot, all furnished in a simple way, almost like being really in a home situation.

There are postcards of customers hanging on the wall, a record of Nick Cave on the shelf, a memory of a path of Santiago de Compostela and even a leopard (!!!).

QUI you eat well

Carrying out an idea of small cuisine using raw materials of butchers, bakeries, local dairies is not so simple, but Arianna and Viola are committed to do it, here you can find something to eat for every hour of the day, from breakfast, with biscuits and croissants, to the aperitif with salami and cheese platter, passing through lunch, their strong, four-finger toast where the avocado is the king; But also salads, sandwiches, more classic toasts and croque monsieur to eat with extreme calm or to eat at lunchtime.

Ah, an appointment not to be missed, breakfast “after mass” on Sunday, now a healthy and good habit!

QUI you are fine

The mood is the real peculiarity, this is what makes you want to come back, a neighborhood bar run by two cute young girls with the desire to talk about them and listen to what you have to tell. An informal setting where you can find the musician, the painter, the photographer and the DJ; but also the lady who lives upstairs or the mother who brings the child to the music school in front of it. A comings and goings of people who greet you at the second time, and this is what I’m looking for in a bar in a neighborhood like mine.

QUI there is a sofa

In a place like this there must necessarily be a sofa! At QUI there is, and you will say that there is nothing special about this, but you are wrong, I practically slings me right in, on that couch, I dive on it, and it is my favorite place to start a day with a hot coffee or to finish it with a glass of wine and a jazz record. On the one hand, I’m hopeful that you will not find out about it, to not to limit my chances of finding it available, on the other hand, I hope that you already know or that you will soon discover this particular place in Vanchiglia, because it deserves, it deserves a lot.

And after an aperitif in Vanchiglia, you go on foot / bus / bike / plane to eat in San Salvario, where Valentina tells you.

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