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Le strade di Torino

Gran bosco di Salbertrand (Val di Susa)

Gran bosco di Salbertrand (Val di Susa)

Sitting at my desk, I can see between the bars of the office windows Turin’s historical buildings, a street lamp and a thin strip of sky. When the sky is blue and the air is clean, I can see mountains at the end of Corso Vittorio. A day like that is the perfect day to discover Val di Susa.



How | From Torino Porta Nuova by car in 1 hour and a half, or by train in 1 hour and 10 minutes

When | from Spring to Autumn

Costs |  5.75 by train and 10 by car from Torino Porta Nuova (one way)

Elevation | between 1000m and 2600m

Gran Bosco di Salbertrand is a perfect day trip destination for anyone who wants to knock off from the city, to have a picnic in a blooming park or to go hiking or mountain biking on a sunny day.

The small but unique Salbertrand village can be reached by car or by train from Turin in an hour and half – so you can get there even if you don’t have a car. First, you’ll come across fields – with a picnic area – and paths that branch off from the woods, crossing the railway and following the red and white sign.



My flatmate is a naturalist, who first suggested visiting this park to me because of the great diversity of types of trees and plants that makes it beautiful during all seasons. During spring, violet flowers and crocus run along the pathways; wild cherry trees are in bloom, seen during the walk between the pine groves and spruce forest.

If you pay attention, you can see purple flowers in between gentle, green larch buds. Mountains covered with snow are the frame of this landscape.

There are trails to follow for every kind of person, from short and flat to long and harder paths. I hiked the path to Sapè di Salbertrand, and after an hour and a half of hiking across quite a flat area inside the woods, I reached an ancient alpine pasture. There are nice lodges built at the end of the 19th Century, in part fallen down, that allow you to imagine a great past. There was also a fountain with fresh water. In front of the village there is a nice field to lay down in, to take in the moment and the beauty of the Alps.

All images © 2017 Anna Silenzi

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