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Le strade di Torino

At Share Wood you can eat an avocado toast sitting next to a birch tree

At Share Wood you can eat an avocado toast sitting next to a birch tree

A birch tree right in the middle of the room … I have to admit that I discovered Share thanks to social media … I started seeing this elegant bar first on Instagram, then on Facebook, then on Instagram again … I saw photos of delicious food that was surrounded by a birch tree. And so I stopped checking Instagram, I took my bicycle and I went in!


Share Wood

Tue / Thu 7.30am – 21.30pm
Fri / Sat 7.30am – 2.00am
Sun 10.30am – 3.00pm

+39 011 020 9901
Facebook | Instagram

Lunch 6-10€

A coffee place, an hidden garden or a cocktail bar? 

Entering Share Wood is not like going to any other bar because you enter and there to welcome you there is a huge trunk of a birch tree, which is not real, but still makes you feel you have entered a world of fairy tales and you’re not in Turin anymore. And so you can sit and curl up on one of the many chairs, all different from one another, or if you’re lucky, on the bench next to the window, to savour those ten minutes before lunch or after breakfast and read something … maybe that newspaper that you now only browse online! And so you find yourself losing the sense of time and wanting to stay here as long as possible, between whispered chatter and slices of cake looking at you saying “eat me”.

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What can you eat at Share Wood?

Every day there is something special and different on the menu and the different nutritional needs are always taken into account; there is meat, but also vegetarian and vegan dishes. But the main dish is certainly their focaccia: made with a mixture of five cereals is baked every day (or several times a day) and served deliciously hot from the oven. You can stuff it a little with what you want (cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, you should ask what they have) and you can ask to have the stuffing in the middle, just like a sandwich, or on the top and turn it into a real focaccia to eat with fork and knife during a slow lunch! But with focaccia you can also have an excellent avocado toast with green guacamole (and therefore very fresh) without onion so it is also suitable for work (or love) outings. And do not worry about having to read the menu, here the people will tell you the menu and you just have to be able to remember what is there and choose.

At Share Wood, however, you can also go for breakfast where you can taste fantastic cakes or go for the happy hour when they prepare delicious cocktails with juices prepared with the extractor. Also on Sundays there is the brunch and it’s better to book!

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However, Share Wood above all is a family; a mother who, very shily, will tell you with a spark in her eyes of her daughter who runs this place and a daughter Eleonora who is only 19 years old and is able to study and run this place thanks to the help of her friends who cover the shifts when she’s in class… And to keep everyone and everything together, the birch, tree and root of the family that reminds us that people, nature and relationships are the most important thing there is …!

Do you feel like an avocado toast, but Share Wood is full? You can try Qui. If instead you want to try anothe place that creates cocktails with fruit juice you can try Gørilla!

All images © 2017  Kristina Nanovik