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Sleeping at the Eco Lodge Langhe in Cherasco

Sleeping at the Eco Lodge Langhe in Cherasco

A tree-house: the dream of every child. A tree-house in the middle of hazelnut trees: a “reality” of my childhood. I grew up together with my two cousins and my sister and we’ve been spending so much time together that we almost can call each others brothers and sisters. During the summer, we always spent at least 3 or 4 weeks in nonna’s country house, where she had a lot of hazelnut trees and a majestic mulberry tree. Ivan and me, the “older”, once tried to build a tree-house on the mulberry tree one summer and we tried to convinve the “littles” that the few boards that we managed to stand straight were worth like home. When I discovered the Eco Lodge Langhe in Cherasco where we spent our summers as children it seemed that their houses between the hazelnuts were the realization of that dream of cousins.


Eco Lodge Langhe

Via Pittamiglio 13 | Cherasco CN
+39 342 002 1588

Open everyday from March to October
Book in advance | Prize 95€

Enjoying the experience

Staying at Eco Lodge is an all-round experience. The Lodges are surrounded by nature and are completely created by the nature. They are in fact entirely built in solid larch wood, insulations are made with natural wood fiber, as are natural impregnating agents; even the tub and sink are in acacia wood, which is treated only with some oil for waterproofing. They are also totally self-sufficient from an energetic point of view due to the photovoltaic cells installed on the roofs. They are incredibly beautiful and cozy: a single room with private balcony suspended 3 meters high. The shoes should be left out and I, who always go around barefoot, immediately felt at home.

Waking up at the Eco Lodge Langhe

In the morning you will be awakened by the crowing of the rooster and the chirping of birds in any season. The sun rises from the side of the lodge where there are no windows so you will not be woken up by sharp light. A very good reason to wake up is the breakfast. Served in the common room for all guests called the “Lavender Ciabot” is prepared daily by Adrienn, the owner. You will find fresh pies and homemade bread with no refined flour, jam and lavender honey produced from her as well. In addition to this, cheeses and cured meats from local producers. I would recommend that you do not miss neither the cheese nor the pies.

Where the idea come from …

The creators of this natural paradise? Adrienn and her husband. She Hungarian, him Brazilian, they both fell in love with these land a long time ago. The idea stems from the desire to create something unique and alternative that is entirely inserted into the surrounding environment and from that environment is born. They are also the creators of the project Made in Langhe and Roero, which allows the adoption of a row of wine, a hive of bees, a goat and many other local products and to receive an annual supply of these products. But just because the territory is so important to Adrienn and her husband, the products are never shipped, you must come in the Langhe to collect them!

I dedicate this article to Simona, Diego and Ivan and especially to nonna Rina.

All images © 2017 Jehanne Oostra