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I went to the opening of EDIT – A taste of sharing and here’s how it went

I went to the opening of EDIT – A taste of sharing and here’s how it went

Everyone happens to go at least once at the inauguration of something new, and then start with a bit of distrust wondering how and what will it be? Well yesterday was the same for me, I was at the inauguration of EDIT- A taste for sharing in Via Cigna, convinced that it would have been another place filled with English words to make it “cool”. But no, that was not the case, the English words are there, but the project leaves you “with your mouth open”!


EDIT – A taste of sharing
Via Cigna, 96/17 | Torino
011 1932 9700
Open everyday from 7:00 / 2:00

I challenge you to try it and then tell me in one word! What I find most relevant right now is: VISION; because it is indeed a visionary project, the result of the mind of an entrepreneur and dreamer, Marco Brignone, who with this project wants to apply to food & beverage concepts with which we have been bombarded for a couple of years: Co-working and sharing economy. EDIT is just like this, a (HUGE) space within which some of the best Italian excellence in the industry interact perfectly with each other. And it is true! Mr. Brignone decided that he wanted only the best of the best for his restaurant and brought some of the best chefs and professionals in Italy to Turin. Pietro Leemann, Renato Bosco, Costardi Bros, and also the Barz8 team; if those names don’t tell you anything at the moment you can do a quick google search to understand what I’m talking about.

Edit Torino

Quality, the real one, the one that you can feel!

Bakery Café, pub, restaurant, cocktail bar, brewery, but also meeting space for private events, EDIT is all this and more. Thursday I spent 4 hours in and out on the three floors of the property talking to chefs, bartenders and beer masters and trying their specialties. I’ve fallen in love with Chef Leemann’s vegetarian food at the first bite, and I had to put some distance between me and chef Renato Bosco’s pizzeria because his pizza is really addictive. And I’m saying all this just to tell you that EDIT is a good project, but not only, you can eat and drink really well !!

Co-working, sharing economy & a bit of “DIY”

So far we can say that we are talking about a nice restaurant, in a beautiful location and with a high quality gastronomic proposal, but there is more! EDIT also wants to be an active, living space where you can experience and learn; so it will become a space dedicated to workshops, meetings, and events in the food and wine field in the coming months, and not only. It will be possible for those who want to practice in the production of artisanal beers, to be joined by high-quality beer masters and to use professional equipment to be able to create their own beer; or become a chef and try out the cookers in one of the professional kitchens and create your own menu for your private events.

But if you go and fire something I do not want to know!

Young rulez!

Here’s one of the things that most impressed me about this new gourmet format: In a clear and direct way, here from EDIT everybody is young; Marco Brignone says he has been fascinated by the ideas of the boys who collaborated in the design of the project and for this reason he wanted to continue on this line; I’m 27 and so I can only be happy and find this a winning strategy. 

There are many things to tell, but I want to try them out well then let you know how it went, so for now I can only advise you to try and maybe let us know what you think. For the rest STAY TUNED!

All images © 2017 Gianluca Bia