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Le strade di Torino

Verdelilla inaugurates its space | New opening in the city

Verdelilla inaugurates its space | New opening in the city

Verdelilla creates  new horizons and secret rooms: we of “Le strade di Torino” were there and love to share it with you. 

Lets say that summer starts with good surprises!

Maria Chiara

Verdelilla Secret Room

Via Assietta 17 | Torino

Classy Mod On

The first time I visited this shop was to conquer a Labo.Art dress, I had fallen in love with that particlar dress and someone told me I could find it at Verdelilla.

So I discovered a courtyard in the middle of Re Umberto, among the marvelous palaces of a shining Turin, in a more classy elegance that you can imagine.

That time I had found a dress and I felt the frenzy of wanting to buy everything, including the furniture.

Aperitivo all day long 

When I discovered they would inaugurate a new project and that they would open the “secret rooms”, I went with Arianna, a “bighellona” mate, to have a look.

On Thursday, May 18, from 11am to late evening, Verdelilla secret rooms opened their doors offering a rich buffet, fine wines and ginger cocktails (Gorilla) in a unique location, curated by Philippe Model Maison.

From the almonds at the entry to beans with delicious bread and provola to fish and vegetables balls, to conclude with cannoli and mini cream pastries served in a lush and relaxed atmosphere.

What’s new under the sun?

The secret rooms are a beautiful loft with high ceilings and original parquet floors, mysterious corridors and windows full of flowers.

A new concept store where there are couches and wonderful chandeliers. A kind of chic labyrinth where waterfalls of clothes alternate with top-quality and undoubted beauty accessories, footwear and perfumes (from the Olfattorio too).

Style remains that of long and colorful clothes, impalpable fabrics and exotic fantasy prints. A really live fashion, even if trendy, and the ability to know how to range from leather slippers to silk ceremonial skirts easily, without too many rules and too much formalities.

There is also a lot of sports and fun: Stan Smith with embroidered insertions, straw hats for swimming pole parties, jeans (Mother) and multicolored socks (Antipast).

The secret rooms you are about to discover

Those who already know Verdelilla know that it is not one of the cheapest shops in the city, but the quality and the eternity of the things you will find here will be exceptional and worth the money.

Having expanded the offer, also, you will find small whims at absolutely good prices.

In Verdelilla secret rooms is a bit like feeling at the sea!

Just dress up one of their wonderful ethereal clothes, wear a pair of exposed sunglasses and match a Guanabana bag and a bracelet to be catapulted into the atmosphere of Saint Tropez, between a mojito and a crudité.

All images © 2017 Arianna Cristiano