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Le strade di Torino

What to do this weekend in Turin? 14-15 April

What to do this weekend in Turin? 14-15 April

1. Open Doors @ Domori

On Saturday 14th, the famous chocolate factory Domori is opening its doors to the public. You will be able to visit the factory and learn how this delicious chocolate is transformed from the cocoa bean to its tablet shape. This event is specially made for all the chocolate lovers out there as you will surely be able to taste the product! Children are welcome. Find more information here.

2. Photo Marathon #vistadaqui

If you are passionate about photography, culture, socializing, technology, education or the Italian territory, this special event is meant for you. A photo marathon #vistadaqui is organized on Saturday 14th by the San Paolo Company. The concept is simple. There are 4 different routes to chose from: the culture route, the technology route, the education path and the social path. Each one of them has different activities, workshops, storytelling and more. The goal is to take pictures of the activities and the places you will discover and post them on the #vistadaqui app. Check out more details about the event here.

3. Carbonara & Friends Party @Eataly

Eataly, the famous high-quality Italian food market is hosting a special party to celebrate Roman cuisine and more specifically carbonara pasta. Starting from Friday 13th and lasting the entire weekend, this party will feature special menus. The party is welcoming renowned chefs using their own original way of cooking the famous Italian dish. Find more information about this carbonara party here.

4. An Hygge Bunker

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is inviting you to celebrate its 7th anniversary at Bunker, on Saturday 14th. A full program of activities, workshops, food, music, sports, and drinks awaits you. Everything will be put in place for you to enjoy your time as much as possible and to make it memorable. The celebration starts at 3 pm and lasts until late at night. Find more information here.

5. Micheal Nyman Piano Concert

In order to celebrate international pianism, the Officine Grandi Riparazioni is organizing several shows. The 4th and final show will be performed by the amazingly talented British composer and pianist, Micheal Nyman, this Saturday 14th. Micheal Nyman is known internationally, in particular for the soundtrack he composed for several famous films such as Gattaca – the door of the universe. If you want to be blown away by his talent, the appointment is at 9 pm! Check out more information here.