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Winter 2017 | Night outfit

Winter 2017 | Night outfit

Whether for New Year’s Eve or for a special evening, this outfit will not fail to strike the most looks … eyes that shine with their own light, emeralds on the eyelids and toe shoes to envy Dorothy … Prepare to be transported into a world of light and stars!

Maria Chiara & Paolo

Fashion Blogger | Maria Chiara Ferrante
Makeup artist | Paolo L’Erario
Photographer | Daniele Epifani
Outfit | Parrot and Palm, featuring Se-Ta, Bellerose, Iolité, Elena iachi 
Makeup | La Biosthetique
Location | EDIT Torino

Maria Chiara | Outfit

Almost 2018: the outfit for who is waiting for new year, in glamour.

You probably already know how much velvet is a must for me. And slippery pants too. These ones from ‘Seta’ are beautiful, comfortable, elegant and intense blue. I chose to match them with a green acid lurex t-shirt and and with super gritty golden boots. Timeless chandelier as jewels and a myriad of colored rings and precious stones complete my night look for the new year.

And you? Have you already chosen what to wear?

Paolo | Makeup

Scent of new beginnings, possibilities, dreams and hopes for the arrival of the new year. With this spirit in mind and the green of Maria Chiara’s t-shirt in front of me, I approached this night-life look.

The make-up is incisive without being graphic. No eyeliner or dark pencil to define the eyes, only 3 types of clear eyeshadows that fade towards emerald colour, passing through coral and lavender colors. The absence of contrast with the color of the iris gives the look a luminous effect, but without focusing attention on any precise point. This absence of focal center allows you to focus more on the lips, and here the lipstick is the master. I used purple and sand pink for a very dark and deep effect made mat with a veil of powder. This type of makeup is ideal on “fleshy” lips, but absolutely to be avoided on thin and sharp lips because it would get a result too severe.

For the hair, I made a lob, short for long bob, one of the most used cuts this year that revisits the traditional carrè. And to avoid a too geometric perimeter I removed all the scissors cutting lines using the razor. In this way the cut will be defined, but without being static, so the ideal to wear either if your hair are curly or straight!

All images © 2017 Daniele Epifani